We make premium garments at fair prices. We are obsessed with perfect fits and tailor all our styles to your needs - free of charge. All our styles are thoughtfully designed in Copenhagen and responsibly produced in Portugal.

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We design, produce and sell all garments via own channels exclusively, so that you get the best possible price and service. This means zero middlemen, hidden fees or hassles.

One price. Everything included. Always.


Our home try-on concept allows you to select your favourite products and book a 30-minute appointment with us, at a place of your choosing. Home or work - you decide. During your appointment, you will be able to try our styles and receive free tailoring on all styles.


Shop your favourite styles and get free tailoring on your order. Visit a tailor of your own choosing, request your alterations and submit your tailoring receipt to us. We will cover the cost of tailoring, up to 200 DKK per pants and 500 DKK per jacket.


We care about your service and fit only. We are 100% committed to delivering the best possible result everytime. Whether you shop online or book a home try-on, we do our utmost to deliver the service you need, when and how you need it.


...Or call us at +45 53 57 54 70 if you can't find the answer.

Do I pay for my home try-on? No. You never pay for your home try-on, only the products you wish to purchase.

Do I pay for tailoring? No. You never pay for tailoring, only the products you wish to purchase.

Is the home try-on non binding? Yes. Your home try-on is 100% non-binding which means that you can cancel at any time free of charge. Your home try-on is free, whether you make a purchase or not.

How many styles can I try? As many as you like. Select the products you wish to try when you place your booking.

Which dates are available for booking? We offer bookings from monday-friday. You can always see available slots when your book your home try-on

Which alterations do you offer? We offer multiple alterations depending on the item. Pants: Slimmer waist, Shorter length, Slimmer hem. Jackets: Slimmer waist, Shorter sleeves

What is the shipping time from booking to delivery? We usually ship your order 5 weekdays from your home try-on, with all the requested adjustements.

Can I re-order with same fit? Yes. Write our customer care at hello@oddform.eu in order to coordinate your re-order.

What if my order does not fit? We experience that 95% of all orders has the desired fit. If your order is not as requested we offer additional tailoring depending on the issue. Contact customer care at hello@oddform.eu to get help with your order.

How do I get tailoring on my shop purchase? Book an appointment at one of our partner tailors, via the link in your confirmation email. ODDFORM covers all cost of tailoring