Pricing is depicted in DKK and includes 25% VAT. The pricing of our styles includes free shipping, tailor alterations (see section on tailoring) by ODDFORM or it’s subcontracted third parties and might include free returns.


Shop: We accept payment via credit or debit cards. Payment for your order will be completed once we ship your order.

Home try-on: Payment for your order will be completed after your try-on, and before we proceed with any alterations to goods that you wish to purchase. Payment will proceed in-person at the time of the home try-on, either via debit or credit card.

Payment for orders cancelled by ODDFORM or customers, prior to shipping the goods will be refunded in full.


All orders placed at ODDFORM (Shop and home try-on) includes the following extra services, at no additional extra cost:

Covered services: 1. Jacket) Slimmer waist or back, Shorter sleeves 2. Pants) Slimmer waist, Shorter length, Slimmer hem

Shop: In order to receive the above covered services, book an appointment via the link included in your confirmation email. ODDFORM does not cover the cost of additional services not covered by the above. Please bring your order to the agreed appointment as requested in your booking. The delivery time of the alterations will be agreed with the ODDFORM third-party tailor and is usually 5-7 days. As the ownership of product transfers to the customer upon delivery and complete payment, ODDFORM is not liable for any changes to the product performed by ODDFORM third-party tailors agreed to by customer.

Home try-on: ODDFORM offers 1 complimentary home-try-on per order, and the covered services outline above at no additional cost. ODDFORM performs all needed alterations after the home try-on and payment is completed, after which the ownership of the product is transferred to the customer. ODDFORM is not liable for changes to the product agreed to by customer. ODDFORM will perform the agreed changes and ship the final product within 5-7 days of the home try-on.

Returns, Exchanges and Refund

Shop: Returns and refunds of your order must meet the following conditions: 1) The goods are returned within 14 days of you receiving your shipment. 2) All items are in their original unused condition with all tags intact, and includes all extras sent along with your order (hangers and suit bags). 3) All mandatory fields in the enclosed return form is completed. If you wish to exchange your order (e.g. other size or color), place a new order on our website, and return the parts of your order that you wish to return following the conditions outlined above. Refunds are granted when we have received and validated your return parcel in accordance with the conditions stated above. ODDFORM does NOT offer returns, refunds or exchanges on any goods that has been tailored or otherwise altered by ODDFORM, ODDFORM third-party tailors or tailors/third parties used by customer.Home try-on: ODDFORM does not offer returns, exchanges or refunds on orders which has been altered or tailored after your home try-on, either by ODDFORM, ODDFORM third-party tailors or any other third party. ODDFORM offers returns on items in accordance with the conditions and process stated above.

Shipping & Delivery

Shop: ODDFORM currently delivers to Denmark only, within 1-2 days of your order creation. You will receive a tracking notification when your order is out for delivery. ODDFORM does not offer shipping of final goods from your tailor appointment following your purchase. Please agree on a specific completion date with the tailor of your choice, and pick it up directlyHome try-on: ODDFORM brings all styles from your order to your home try-on. If you wish to complete your purchase, we ship the final goods within 1-2 days of completion. You will receive a tracking notification when your final order is out for delivery.You can always check that status of your order by contacting our customer care team at hello@oddform.eu to check the status of your order.

Warranty and Liability

We provide a two (2) year warranty on all Products in their original condition with no tailor alterations performed, starting upon delivery.If the original and unused Products have a defect within the warranty period, you must notify ODDFORM of the defect within a reasonable period after becoming aware of it (preferably within two (2) months). After such notification you will be entitled to a replacement.The warranty is covered by the below circumstances. No claim under the warranty can be made if the damage is caused: Deliberately or by negligence / By improper use or careless maintenance / By normal wear and tear / By not or incorrectly following the instructions relating to the ProductODDFORM liability under these T&C’s and the agreement is limited to the obligations stated in this section (Warranty) and product liability. Any other liability of ODDFORM is explicitly excluded unless the damage is the result of ODDFORM’s willful intent or gross negligence.

Extend of Guarantees

Any information provided on or in relation to the website is for general information purposes only and the user is and remains solely responsible for the use and interpretation of the information on the Website.We intend to display the Products as accurately as possible but cannot guarantee that the images of the Products are an accurate representation of the actual merchandise due - among other reasons - to the technical difference in monitors or screens you may use. All specifications, drawings and particulars of weights, sizes and performance are approximate only.

Personal data and Privacy

ODDFORM will process your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully. By placing an order or using our services, you have agreed to our storing and processing of your data and you confirm that any data provided by you are correct and complete.By accepting the T&C’s you grant ODDFORM permission to send you our newsletter and make offers to you via email. You can always unsubscribe from our offers and newsletter by clicking on the link in such email. ODDFORM may also at any time stop sending you offers or newsletters by email.

Intellectual Property Rights

Unless otherwise stated, ODDFORM holds all intellectual property rights to the Website, its contents (including text, design, layout, images, and videos), the Products, trademarks and trade names of ODDFORMYou may use the website and information provided thereon for your own personal use (such as printing and saving them for later viewing). Any other use (such as copying, redistributing or saving the contents or any part thereof to another website, framing, hyper- or/deeplinking to another website) is not allowed without our express written consent.

Force Majeure

Except as hereinafter provided, ODDFORM is not liable for any default or delay in its performance (or that of any third parties relied on by it) due to Force Majeure. Force Majeure means any circumstance beyond the control of ODDFORM such as, without limitation, acts of God, strikes, lockouts or industrial disputes or disturbances, civil disturbances, acts of third parties, wars, riots, blockades, lightning, fire, storm, floods, explosions, the inability to obtain or retain necessary authorizations, permits, and compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, regardless of whether it is later held to be invalid.In the event of a Force Majeure event, ODDFORM shall inform you as soon as reasonably. Both ODDFORM and you may rescind the agreement if the Force Majeure lasts for more than 21 (twenty-one) days. ODDFORM will refund any payment made.

Retention of title

ODDFORM remains owner of the Products until you have made the required payment in full.If you have not made the payment timely and/or in full, ODDFORM may at any time cancel the order and/or reclaim any order for which your payment has not been completed


ODDFORM may change these T&C’s at any time. By placing an order you agree that the latest version of these T&C’s will apply to your order.Any deviation from the terms of the agreement must be done in writing and signed by both parties.References to writing also includes email, unless stated otherwise.If any part of these T&C’s is invalid or unenforceable, it shall be replaced by a valid terms and the remainder of these T&C’s will remain in place.Failure to enforce any part of these T&C’s shall not be a waiver of any right of ODDFORM, a waiver must always be done explicitly and in writing.Any Terms and conditions of you are explicitly rejected and do not apply to the agreement between ODDFORM and you.You may not transfer any of your rights or obligations under these T&C’s to another person without our prior written consent, which we will not withhold unreasonably. If ODDFORM wishes to transfer its rights and obligations under these T&C’s to a third party, for which you hereby in advance grant your consent. Such transfer will not affect your rights under these T&C’s.